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The King of Šumava: The Phantom of the Dark Land (Král Šumavy)




David Ondříček, Damián Vondášek


David Hofmann, Tomáš Frkal


Voyo/Lucky Man Films

In late 40´s and early 50´s many people had to run away from Czechoslovakia, and secretly cross the border to West Germany. One of the real heroes helping people to run away from communist regime was Josef Hasil. This was miniseries about his early life and many adventures and dramatic situations he encountred before emigration to USA. For this miniseries we had to scout many forgotten and neglected locations, and transform them into our movie sets. It was many small builds, working with colors, aging etc. Most of these locations don´t exist anymore, since they were already rebuilt or destructed soon after we managed to safe at least heir image on film stock.

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